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Fixed Match Money Transfers

Fixed Match Money Transfers

Newer payment methods (payment)

Electronic wallet:
There are several different e-wallets. The most popular are: Skrill, Skrill1-tap, Neteller, Paypal and Paysafecard.
An e-wallet is an online wallet. Of course, in order to have money in it, you need to transfer a certain amount to it. You must do this by credit card, online banking or bank transfer. Once you have transferred money to your e-wallet (Ewallet). You can quickly and easily pay with this tool on various casino accounts. In this method of payment there are no fees and taxes, and the money is transferred instantly. One big advantage of this payment method is the speed with which the transfers take place and the easy and fast transfer of money between different accounts. And you can easily control how much money you have in your electronic wallet.

The e-wallet contains the bank and card information you usually need for online payments, so you do not need to have that information at hand every time you use this tool.

Which payment method to choose?

It is best to choose the payment method that best suits your needs. If you want transfers to go fast, then choose credit card, e-wallet and virtual prepaid card payments as the best options. They are usually not charge as payment methods. This option is especially recommended for players. online casino games who play a lot and often, so transfers between their and casino accounts often need to be made.

Referee’s demands

If the company asks you to pay a certain amount of money, it is for the security of the match. Of course the amount is not large, and also this payment is not mandatory. Exactly 7 referees are involved in a football match. If you pay, your earnings are guaranteed by us, otherwise we could not guarantee you.

Beware of additional fees and commissions!

You should always check if there are any additional fees (fees) for the payment method you have chosen. This can be a limiting factor in choosing which payment method to use.

You must be aware of the deposits and payment methods. What if you can put money in ten different ways, if you get pay in only one, inert and long way. Therefore, make sure that the online casino offers the payment method you prefer. So that the money can be pay to you in the most convenient way for you. Most casinos offer a wide range of deposits and payment methods, as they are well aware that they need to offer the best terms to their members and keep them as customers.

Unavailable Payment method

If payment method is unavailable, and you used to send money there, those funds are Irreversible. However, you should make a deposit again to another method with agreement of your agent.
Furthermore in addition, you need ask if payment method is available before you makes payment! Because, in case of payment to unavailable (Frozen account) we don’t take any responsibility. Finally be safe.

Incomplete Payment Fixed Matches

What does incomplete transfer means? This means that any transfer that is made but not complete is not supported! So, in this case the client must make a new full payment. When client makes full payment, incompleted payments must be refunded! If you do not want to make a mistake, contact our help agent. Also, with every transfer there are fees, be careful!


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